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I feel pretty up to date on lots of web 2.0 tools and use them regularly in my classroom. However, I'm totally new to Twitter (ID = paulsonb), finally joining about a week ago. I feel so behind! I found this Ning and have found lots of smart people to follow, but I'm struggling to add many followers. What should I be doing that I'm not? I just started a blog but same story, not sure how to put myself out there and start sharing in both directions. I feel like such a voyeur right now, help!

Thanks in advance :)


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I am just slightly ahead of you in technology so I may have some useful insight.
1) Stay organized with your time 2) Make sure you have a backup plan if the twitter/blog/computer goes down for a while 3) It is better to learn one thing well than a thousand things badly (so concentrate on one tool at a time) 4)If you get a chance get a smart phone - I have a backflip and can check all of my emails and twitters in an instant (great tool). 5) When you learn something write it down in a place where others have access to it - no matter how mundane it is - someone is struggling with the same issue.
Hope this helps


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