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What is the connection between involved, dedicated educators and Apple products? I'm kind of joking but kind of not. When you go to ISTE, which I think we can agree is full of educators dedicated to learning and innovating their craft, about 80% are carrying some sort of Apple...mostly iPads with some sort of crazy case. By the way, you can totally tell the people who just got their iPad a day before ISTE! Their typing looked wacky. Anyway, I'm just saying, if you want to draw a crowd at ISTE, you can either tap a keg at the Blogger's Cafe (I think we know the results if that happened) or open an Apple Kiosk.

Seriously, what's the connection?

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That is an interesting observation, and you are right. I think there is definitely a level of coolness with an Apple product, strutting around with iPads and iPhones, iPads in particular.

But iPads in education transcends the 'cool' factor, it does have the utility especially in the K12 segment, which many schools are waking upto. So I guess its a mix.


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