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R.E.B.E.L (Reforms from Educational Bloggers' Educational Links) Day Sun, Oct 17th

Tom Whitby in his post, A Modest Blog Proposal, has asked the educational blogger community to come together on Sunday, October 17th, to contribute a post for positive educational reform.

As Tom states in his post:

"I have really grown tired of the teacher-bashing that is currently being carried out by politicians and media outlets. Teachers are not the cause for educational reform. They are however, the means we need to enact the reform. Teachers often offer positive education reform suggestions with less of an audience than popular media. Since education is their profession, one would think that these suggestions come from experience and training."

How to Participate

To participate, simply write a blog post with your ideas on education reform on Sunday, October 17th. If you don't have a blog, you may place your post on the Educator’s PLN Blog Page.

Then, feel free to include your post on this Google Doc.

Also, include your post on this Wallwisher.

We will tweet these links, share them on Facebook and feature these posts on the Educator's PLN ning.

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