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Two California Bills Would Make Textbooks Online Free

California passed two bills to provide college students free online textbooks under the approval of state Senate.

College textbooks are tagged at high costs, and students have no choice but to seek other alternatives to offset expenses throughout the semester.

The two bills sought by Senate President Pro Tem Darell Steinberg would require the state to set up bids to create an open-source content for the Top 50 college classes. The bills will allow college students to access the materials on the internet for free and buy hard copies at around $20

Democrat Steinberg said the publishers presently charge “exorbitant” prices on printed textbooks. The alternative resources will help students save money to offset high cost of tuition fees.

However, The American Publishers Association is against the bill and claimed that the publishers had released textbooks online sold at cheaper costs.

The two bills, SB1052 passed the 32-2 together with SB1053, passed a 33-2 vote. The bills are set to the Assembly.

For details visit is a social platform where students, instructors, and student interest groups can work together to reduce cost of textbooks

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