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I am a preservice teacher starting to learn about UDL and so far it seems very similar to differentiated instruction to me. Thoughts?

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Hi Elizabeth,

For me, the use of UDL in the classroom is using technology as a tool to differentiate instruction, accommodate learning styles, and allow for individualized, tailored, instruction.

It is a mistake, however, to use UDL with SpecEd students. IMHO, all students profit tremendously from the use of UDL in the classroom because it allows all students to use a tool to his/her own advantage. In doing so, all students are pushed forward, challenged by content that is flexible.

Thank you for the reply Jaqueline.


Why do you say that it is a mistake to use UDL with SpecEd students? 

Sorry... missed a word...

It is a mistake to use ONLY with Spec Ed students.

UDL should be incorporate into regular instruction as a tool to reach out to the new generation which use technologies as extensions of their bodies:)

A friend of mine who is a special education major explained to me that the difference is that "UDL is more related to materials and differentiated instruction is more to the teaching part".   Would you agree that this is accurate?




Where are u getting your certification? Regular or online program?


I am attending Illinois State University in their regular/on campus Early Childhood Education program.


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