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Do any of you use music videos to teach your students a subject? I know that Domingo in Spain took the music video of Avicii's "Wake me up" and used eduCanon to embed questions and test his student's listening comprehension and spelling. He teaches English as a foreign language.

Curious to hear about other use cases!

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We preferred traditional method earlier but now with the advent of new technology, I personally feel that media is the best way to propagate education and learning. They are quiet eye catching and makes everyone very inquisitive and attentive during the learning process. "SMART CLASS" is all about this only and it's gaining popularity. Its the best way to provide common experience to all those who are listening to you in one shot.

Not that I've ever used a music video, but I have used a song.  Specifically, I've used Brand New's "Playcrack the Sky" to teach extended metaphor to my middle school English students.  They have to identify what the metaphor is, as well as how the lyrics extend upon it, as well.  They really liked it :)


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