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I find my diigo groups the best way to find good resources for teaching and learning. I also enjoy being able to be more subject specific with the English Companion ning. Another excellent resource is TES connect (UK). Finally twitter - with careful selection of those I follow has brought me consistent educational debate and resources. {With twitter I did find it more comfortable to require permission for people to follow me. It has made me feel less vulnerable to those who I do not want part of my network} These three things are probably my favorite. I guess that may be simply because I have found them the most useful. I have found some real gems.

Of course - time permitting - there are all my RSS feeds from individual teachers and other sites:)

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I find myself using plurk most often - the teachers on there have some fantastic ideas and resources, and there's almost always someone there whenever I have a question or need help to answer immediately - I prefer plurk to twitter because (for me, at least) it's much easier to follow.
Tying for second place would be Diigo groups and the network of blogs that I follow.
Twitter is my best PLN resource. It's what directed me to this ning and to learn so much more (in such a short time) about the value and benefits of technology in education.

Once I'm confident, I want to implement a ning in Year 9 ICT instead of the standard webpage creation unit!
Currently, I teach all of my online courses in NIng and require my students to seek out other nings to build their own PLNs for the research and collaborative activities. I find that the resources are vast and the students gain so much more because many of them continue to remain in the networks they have used for class. Some have even created new networks and invited class members to remain within the new class network.
I use Diigo daily and am addicted to my network on Twitter. I'm learning so much !
My choice tools for PLN- twitter, google reader, delicious, and ning (including this one, SMART Board Revolution and Classroom 2.0).

I know I will probably add to this, but for now it works for me!
For me, it would have to be Twitter. Google Reader used to be my number #1 resource, but with school and work, I'd have to set a specific day and time to read all the feeds. That was very time-consuming, considering all the RSS feeds I subscribed to! Twitter, with help of Tweetdeck, allows me to scroll through and read tweets in a few minutes. I can quickly look at the posted links and shares, RT them, favorite them, or send them to Instapaper where I can take a closer look and then send them to my Delicious bookmarks when I have more time to read.
Twitter and Ning....

I love twitter for the constant flow of resources, answers, etc. There is never a time when great information isn't freely flowing through my tweetdeck! If I send out a "shout out for help! Within minutes I pretty much have an answer to my question or have the resources I asked for. The drawback of course is the 140 character limit. That is where Ning takes over. I have gotten great in depth responses using Ning. Normally it isn't as fast, but you have more details! Together they are a dynamic duo in my PLN!
For me it is twitter, the reason is because the important things rise to the top again and again. I know some people don't like twitter because of all the retweeting, but that is often the way I decide something is worth looking at. One thing I am wondering about twitter is that the people who think it s most useful are the ones that have mobile access to twitter like an iphone, it does not seem to be as useful to others, has anyone else heard this around? I do find a few nigs useful as well but people are often not so responsive on the ning. I have not yet used diigo, however after reading the posts here I think I may be missing something good! Thanks PLN I'll go check it out.
Delicious is generally my favorite. Through my network I can quickly and easily find sites for myself, and for my teachers. I don't have to scroll through hundreds of tweets, and read numerous blogs. I wouldn't want to use just Delicious though. My PLN tools are like a puzzle, it takes all of the pieces to make the whole picture.
Twitter is my best PLN resource. I have learned so much from the great people I follow. Such insights and passions for education. I found that once you got on the "right track" with Twitter, following strong and passionate people with the same interests, it was pretty easy to build your PLN without joining any groups to help. The learning is continuous. I love it!
I'd have to put Diigo top of my list - I belong to several groups and get daily emails which frequently point me to great resources. I do like Diigo's list facility - my bookmarks have never been so oganised!

If I had to pick a single blog it would be Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers which has led me to more great resources than any other blog.
PLN resource in order of importance:

1. Twitter
2. Delicious/Diigo
3.various educational blogs
4. various educational Nings



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