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So far, my favorite is the Oprah Winfrey interview.  My students LOVED it.  We read a book then interviewed the main characters.  Of course, they volunteered for the parts.  I was Oprah so I led the interview.  Then the 'audience' asked questions.  It only took about 5 minutes and definitely increased story comprehension.

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Diane, I used your idea-inspired Oprah interview today with my first graders using the Gingerbread Man.  It was not only effective but FUN!  The kids loved it!

That's fantastic!  What a great story to use it with too. :)

Hi Irene and Diane.  Character interview is a great strategy.  I have used it successfully with students from kindergarten to junior secondary school.  Its benefits are multi-pronged as it:  encourages inferential comprehension; when students are familiar with the strategy and they become the interviewer, it encourages them to learn the skill of asking meaningful questions; it provides a context for authentic assessment and is a vehicle for the development (and assessment) of oral language skills.

Readers theatre  is another favourite of mine.  However, I avoid the use of prepared scripts as this negates many rich learning opportunities.  If you are interested and wish to e-mail me, I will forward an overview of the process I prefer to use.

Hi Penny I love the idea of 'hot-seatringn' or the Oprah interview but don't know too much about The Reader's theatre and would love to see your overview please.
Hi Oona. If you e-mail me ( I will forward an overview of the process I use for Readers' Theatre.

Hi Penny,

Thank you so much for your input.  Very valuable information!  I'll email you.


Hello all. We have a great new reading comprhension app for the iPod Touch -- Reading for Details Lite. It is free at the app store. A fun way to practice the 5W's
Thank you!  I know many schools are using the ipod touch now.  Great app idea!
Hey Diane, I've been teaching for 18 years and I recently adopted the MAX Teaching System. Let me tell you this has completely changed the way I teach. Please explore this amazing system at
Thank you for the suggestion.  I'll look at it.

For creating mental images: I read aloud a book without showing the pics. Then I give each student a page from the book with only text, no pictures. They make the picture that goes with the text. Then we compile the book and compare the book's pictures with my student's. Excellent for a class discussion or individual conferences.

What a great idea.  I'm going to try that.  Thank you.



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