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I am trying to gather some information regarding the use of portable devices in the classroom. If you have any thoughts about the benefits or obstacles this may pose to teaching, I would love to hear about it. If you have any experience using these devices in your classroom I would especially like to hear about your experiences as well.

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Grace Poli in New Jersey has done some great work using ipods in ESL class and has had some fantastic results. YOu may want to look her up. She is not online here but has done a lot of presentation on this as well.
Thanks Sue! Is Grace on Twitter? I'd love to pick her brain on the subject. I'm quite interested because I think that these devices will be the next trend after laptops or as a supplement to a laptop program.
I don't think that Grace is here but here is her web site
She's a very nice person who has done some interesting work.
Hi everyone, I'm Tom and I've been interested in handhelds in class for some time. Have you seen this resource,
So many of my high school students now have ipod Touches and they do use them in class. However I would like to be a bit more organized in their use and it would be nice for all students to have access. Netbooks also are very intriguing. Is anyone using a class set of netbooks?
Just came across these apps which might be of use for someone interested in ipod Touches in the classroom.
Here is a GoogleDoc Spreadsheet that you may find helpful I have been working on gathering all the apps that we thought would be useful for education in our district. we are actually thinking about going with iPhones with a data plan only.
Although devices like the iPod Touch may distract or pull attention away from the teacher, they can also offer some really useful information that's incredibly easily accessible. Whether it be a dictionary application or an encyclopedia, anything that enhances the flow of information is great in my book, as long as there are rules about the use of the devices during class, of course!
We are getting ready to put mobile devices in the hands of all of our 5th graders (about 100 kids). We are finalizing the type of device that we will be using. We wanted to use the iPod touch but we need a built in camera for a project that we are putting together. We are currently leaning towards purchasing droids for the students. The phones can run on our wireless and we can avoid a monthly payment for data usage. The plan is to start using them second semester and build a curriculum to support it for the 2010-2011 school year.
I have several apps on my iPOD Touch (whiteboard, flash cards, memory games) that my students use during free flow activity time. The kids are naturals at using the technology and they know it is a privilage to use the device. As of right now, our school does not have WiFi and this deminishes the use of an iPOD greatly. Once this is up and running (by 2011), the Touch will be a great tool to use.
It looks like we're making the jump to some iPod Touch carts instead of laptops which will provide some unique learning experiences.

Here is a great wiki to follow along those lines...



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