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Some of us will be putting our iPads to work this fall in the classroom.  Whether you're lucky enough to have a whole classroom full of ipads or your own single ipad, there are plenty of fun and useful things you can do with it with your students.  Please add your thoughts here or some more detailed recommendations of apps or lessons on the IPadSchools wiki.

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Here's some suggestions for apps and how you might be able to use them:


Literature and Writing Apps:

StoryKit - nice app that allows students to read classic children's lit or edit it, or even write and publish their own.  This was made for iPhone but works well on iPads too.


SoundNote - fantastic app for taking notes.  You can record at the same time that you type or draw (sketch).  This would be ideal for secondary students.


Notebook - Similar to SoundNote with additional capabilities of importing images.  It does not record audio though.


Video, Drawing and Productivity Apps:

AirSketch (free) - as long as the iPad is on the same network as a CPU, a teacher/student can draw on the iPad and it will appear on the linked CPU.  So if you had the computer hooked to projector, students could do math problems, mapping, etc.


Prezi - Popular Presentation app for the CPU is available on the iPad too.  It's a free app (new as of 2/1)...still working kinks out of it.


Expedition - Safari does not export to video-out.  Never fear, Expedition is a browser that will allow for VGA-out to your projector.


Geography Apps:


ArcGIS - Really nice app for topo, physical, and hybrid maps.


Nat'l Geographic World Atlas - Nice theme maps for regions you are studying.


Google Earth - Most of the features of the CPU app but with the touchability of a tablet.


Stack the States - Great elementary-appropriate Geography game where students learn states, their shapes, place, and capitals.


Fotopedia Heritage - Amazing app for pictures from all around the world.  To me, it's much more powerful to see a picture about a place than to read about it.  Info goes along with the images.


History Apps -

Speeches - A tremendous list of famous speeches from ancient to contemporary figures.  Wonderful primary source material.


This Day - It's a This Day in History App


Government/Civics Apps

My Congress - stay in touch with what is going on in our legislative branch.


Constitution - who wants to be caught on the street without their own copy of the Constitution!?  I don't.


Math Apps

Math Bingo - great elementary game that teaches the basics by using the game Bingo.


....I'm sure there are lots more, I'd love to hear the many that I've never heard of yet.


     The phrase "it doesn't hurt to ask" is so true! I wrote a grant for a class set of iPads, 2 MacBooks, and over $20,000.00 in Pasco Scientific technology. Our district invited all teachers in the district to apply for the grant. My grant totaled over $42,000.00. I found out last week that I will receive everything I've ask for, so remember it doesn't hurt to ask!!!

     My team of 7th grade science students will share this technology with our other team of 7th grade science students. The iPads and MacBooks were ordered last week and I'm looking to get them in a week or so. The Pasco Scientific P.O. was sent out this week. Our school values technology and we have 2 iPod carts available for check out as well as 2 lap top carts. I have been using iPods since their addition to our school in the fall with much success. I am looking forward to having exclusive access to the iPads in my class as well as the Pasco Scientific technology. My students are even more excited about the addition of this technology into our curriculum!

     I'll be sharing how iPads are working in our class and I hope others will share their experiences as well!


I was wondering if others have had trouble with iPads saying you are in "restore mode" when you go to update and synch? I have a set of 16 and today when I updated and hooked them up the the laptop 3 gave me that message, which means that all the work students have created using various apps will be lost.



I will have a class set next fall...what are your schools/department doing about syncing apps?  Do you simply syncs all the same apps to all the iPads?


Do you pay the volume licensing for the apps or just buy one and transfer it to all of them?


Thanks, Mark



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