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I finally convinced my district to allow me to start the 3-5 grade classes with blogs.  I even paid for them out of my pocket because I felt it was so important for them to have.  Before I could even get to the 4th grade class the went on the blog from home and used it completely inappropriately!  Administration  supported my but cut the blogs for fourth grade.  That leaves 3 and 5.  I would really like to do something special to show my admin just how beneficial blogging can be for students. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am also up against teachers that feel it is "too time consuming."  So far I go in and model a lesson with the blog and then observe the teacher as they try to do the same lesson with another class.  The problem is they don't initiate it without me.  I could really use some advice!!  I'm also new to this site so if anyone has any suggestions as to how to use this site I am all ears!


:-) Cherilyn

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I started blogging with my grade 3's a few weeks ago.  I started with my entry that they could comment on.  We are using Kidblog in my classroom.  It is linked to my Board email, and all posts require my approval.  They got motivated when I gave homework one night that was paper or blog. It is not time consuming, it is another form of print, like journals, poster, or word processing.
I started a blog for my Kindergarten class in September 2010.  Using, the posts consists of a weekly message and slideshow of class activities.  All comments would need my approval before being posted. I have received positive comments.
What are blogging site are you using?  Whatever you're using you need to have a way to fix the settings so that you can read what they write first before it gets published- then you can deal with the individual student.  I've used Wikis in a Blackboard blog with 5th graders and not had problems, but they knew ahead of time that I'd be able to see anything they wrote and it wouldn't actually be published until I approved it. 

Hi Cherilyn! I'm a newbie to PLN as well. I'm a technology and elementary engineering teacher, part of my school's fine arts (special area) rotation schedule. I am planning on starting my 3-5 graders on blogging this year as we are introducing engineering to our curriculum. I thought it would be a good way to integrate technology my classes, and a good way for the students to reflect on their learning and projects for the day. I am planning on spending the last 5-10 minutes of our class time for them to blog. My district uses Gaggle for student email addresses and I was planning on using this to blog with my students. However, I discovered as a teacher (and my school's Gaggle admin) I do not have enough licenses for all my students to use their accounts under my name. I would have to use other teacher's accounts as well if I were to have all 3-5 grade students blogging. So, I was introduced to KidBlog where I can set up each class, and I would have to approve the blogs before they are published. It looks like this is the way to go, and its free! I'll keep you posted on how it goes once school starts!


I understand your frustration about initiating technology integration in the classrooms, and know what you mean when the teachers say they "it's too time consuming". We can train them to the point where we are doing hand-over-hand with them in the area of new technology, but if they don't have an interest or a desire to learn how to use it to the point where they are comfortable using it in the classroom with their students, it'll sit on the shelf collecting dust. It becomes too cumbersome for the teachers to try and learn how to use or do while they are trying to teach class. So, I just model and use in my own class with the students, and let them help teach the teachers how to use (or do) the technology our school has invested in.



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