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Do you work in a district that would be interested in free online tech PD for teachers?

I am an EdD candidate preparing to begin dissertation research.My study will provide online professional development in technology for K-12 teachers who participate. The entire study will take place online. If you are an administrator on the building or district level and would like more information, please let me know!  I hope to launch the study within the next two weeks. Thanks for your consideration!

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Thank you for the offer. I'm a Middel School Technology Teacher in Mexico. Even though I'm not administrator, I'm advisor on technology integration. I'm looking forward as much training as possible, so I can spread new strategies to my co-workers. I'll love to participate on your training. Could it be possible. Thank you in advance :)
Would you please forward your school website to me? Thank you so much!
Sure, thanks for consider me :)

Would you please provide me with your email address by contacting me at

Thank you.

Sure, I'll e-mail to you, thanks :)
Very interesting.Please give us some more information about (how,under what conditions-one can participate,outcomes of participation)
thanks for information in advance
best wishes for your work

Would you please forward your school website to me? Thank you so much!

Donna, i do not work in a school for the time being.I am self employeed preparing students to the national exams and I maintain a site named "Eternal Learning" in greek ( where me and my colleagues try to engange students and teachers to sychronous and asychronous learning interaction using web2.0 .
waiting for more info
thanx in advance
Hello Depy,
My study will include only K-12 public school teachers. When my dissertation work is done, I will post information regarding outcomes. Thank you so much for your interest!
Ok, then i will pass this piece of information to some collegues of mine than they work in public school
Thanks for your immediate response.
My best wishes for your dissertation


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