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What are some different ways that people are using Skype in the classroom?

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I think we may collaborate making an international project together, I am the owner of a K-7 school in Mexico City, my students are bilingual, so we may start a group discussion around some topics. I will open a group, and I hope you join me.

We may desing lesson plans for each assignment, for example: Language arts: we may read a book and start a reading circle. We may set a time for our students to meet and chat "live".

Giving children the opportunity to share from one country to another definitely enhance their knowledge about the world. What do you think?
Time difference may be a problem but I think this would be great. I am in Australia and have a Year 4 class. We do reading Circles and would be happy to have skype book discussion groups with your students.
I think a reading circle would be cool.  I am currently working with a group of students in Germany and possibly setting up a reading circle with a group in Egypt.  I am a reading specialist that tutors students.  All of my students are currently in school during the day and then they work one on one with me in the evening.  If you would want me to do a reading circle with a group of kids, I would love that.  You can e-mail me at
Great. I am just getting a new group of students as it is the beginning of our school year.I will need to get them familiar with Reading Circles. I use a class novel to start off with. Is your group of students focussing on a particular novel?
I work as the Media Center Director of a dual language school in the Chicago metropolitan area. Our school has several classes that might be interested in this type of project for 2010-2011.
A few weeks ago I did a collaborative project over the US National Parks with my niece who teaches 6th grade in Arkansas (I live in Iowa). We started the project by doing a series of "virtual classroom" lessons to instruct students how to do the project. We paired our students with one another, then used Skype and to collaborate on gathering information for the students' assigned park. The end result was incredible! Here is a link to the final project
Not only did the students learn about the national parks, but they learned to work with students 500 miles away, AND they made friends in the process. I loved it and so did they!
Wow what a wonderful resource. Amazing Well done!
Oustanding use of technology!!!  I absolutely love the combination of using Skype and  I had never heard of before and because of you checked it out.  What an amazing tool.  Thanks for sharing your experience and work with us.
I work as a library assistant in a distance delivery model that consists of travelling professors spending 4 week blocks in micro-campuses across a wide area of the province of Manitoba, Canada. Lately, I've begun to morph into an educational technology designer, and have developed a comfort level with Web 2.0 applications. Recently, I set up a Skype lecture between a young Native author located in Vancouver, British Columbia and a group of students in a small Manitoba city. The students were studying his collection of short stories for a Native Lit class, and came to the session armed with questions about his work. The lecture provided an opportunity for both parties to engage in a thoughtful discussion within a virtual environment, something that wouldn't be possible without an application such as Skype. The success of this venture has piqued the interest of several instructors in our program, after they became aware of the possibilities Skype has to offer. I envision an increase in these types of virtual interaction in future course offerings.
We've skyped with a park ranger at Yosemite National Park as a way to build background knowledge for a story we read "Letters Home from Yosemite." We've also skyped with a teacher in a neighboring school to sing our state song. Another things we've done is skyped with Joan Sandin, author of Coyote School News.
Awesome ways to connect!  We also use Reading Streets.  Thanks.
I would like to find an up to date resource for classes from other countries, who are interesting in Skyping. Does this exist?



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