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Hi all,


I am a technology lead at my school and am in the process of compiling a list of websites with resources for teachers. I have come across quite a few but was wondering if you have any you would like to share - specifically in the areas of Language Arts and Science.





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Hi Ryan!


Feel free to browse the links I have gathered:

In New York state, where I teach, we call Language Arts ELA, so I would suggest you use ELA to search, and for Science you may search under Science, or a specific topic like Chemistry, Biology etc.


I hope you find them useful!





This is a desktop and iPod/iPad app not a site but I just love it so much I had to share: Shakespeare in Bits. 

High School level (11 and 12 for most, 9 or 10 advanced English). Currently have Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet with other plays to follow...

Can you be a bit more specific about grade levels? Also, when you say Language Arts, are you including Reading, Writing, Grammar, etc. or something less encompassing?


This will help me make more germane suggestions.

While I await a reply to my previous question, I'll post here about Testmoz, which is a general purpose online, self-checking assessment tool. Very user friendly and of course free.


You can use it with just about any content or subject that allows short answer responses.


I would suggest you go to and type in the ELA topic.  I was looking for a certain subject, and found over 500 websites/links/etc. 


I also like using to highlight, annotate, etc.

Greetings from Guam!

In regard to your ELA pursuits, here's a link that appeared earlier this week: by Tovah Sheldon.


I have also found great resources through Edutopia, The English Companion and Twitter4Teachers (wikispaces).  Good luck!



Hello Ryan - please check out PBS teachers - Digital Learning Library.  There is a number of multimedia resources that might work as a resource for your school.


My Technology Page with resources by grade level and subject.
Hi, Ryan!
Check out Susan Gilley's wikipage at
- tons of information. She updates almost daily: lots of new info, lots of free resources.

Hi all, 


I am working for Shakespeak and we developed a tool which enables mobile interaction within the classroom. 

We offer a free-plugin so maybe it is interesting to check it out,







I've recently started using with students in my 6th grade Writing class. It's like Twitter for the classroom and tends not to be blocked by school internet filters.

I've been having my students provide live status updates on their focus questions and research findings for our feature articles unit. 

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, I just wanted to show what I am having my undergrads do.

Keep in mind that these are undergrads who have never taught (not even gone student teaching yet). My goal was to get them in the mind set of the possibilities of using a Web 2.0 tool  and to have a cache of resources when they have their own classrooms. They had to write an online reading lesson and incorporate at least 3 web 2.0 tools. They are aware that there a literally hundreds of tools to choose from. Here is there attempt at using tools in a Reading Language arts classroom.

You will have to click on the book title to see the individual work.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Perhaps someone will find something useful here.


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