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10 Top Essay Writing Tools To Ease Your Students’ Lives

What does it really take a student to write an essay even with the teacher’s detailed guidelines? Your explanation is just one try to help a student understand academic writing secrets. But it’s not enough because writing an essay depends not on a talent exceptionally. Hence, even using your tips a student will face his long writer’s block and procrastinate until the last moment. So, if you really want to teach your student how to write a perfect essay, help him acquire this ability.

Do you remember your essay struggle? I do recollect my first two hours when I was almost baffled with recommendations and my huge lack of practice. That is what makes sense in essay writing – training your students’ writing skills and achieving the best result through a step-by-step practicing and encouragement. So, what exactly do you have to do? Re-plan your lessons? No! Find extra hours after classes? Nope! What you and your students need are these 10 best essay writing tools which are created to ease the time-consuming process.

Essay Punch

This service provides a student with essay prompts and interactive exercises to train writing skills online. It is more than just a guide to writing an essay because it offers not just a boring theory but practical lessons. Your students would love them because a special program guides and manages a gradual process of crafting a well-structured essay.


Students highly estimate this huge database of essay samples because all templates were written by real students, got at least A- grade and were checked by a professional team of proofreaders. This service can become also a perfect source of inspiration since someone’s point of view on the same topic usually helps develop your own ideas easier.

Daily Writing Tips

Dealing with your writing tasks each day is a huge challenge even for an experienced writer. And your student has to cope with them every single day. With this tool, a student will have hot tips on how to regain inspiration, deal with grammar, vocabulary and punctuation issues.

The Write Practice

I guess this resource is perfect for newbies and those writers who strive to develop a habit of daily writing. This service gives you special prompts to write an essay, master all writing techniques and get inspired through helpful tutorials.

Purdue Owl

I suppose Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a perfect source for in-class activities and out-of-class practicing. If you have some doubts about the reliability of this service, lay them aside because all essay instructions and other writing materials are provided by Purdue University community.


This is a tool for visualizing close associations between any words. And it will make a perfect match for those students who are struggling with finding appropriate words. Sometimes words just do not come out and what appears on a page can make you irritated. That is why WordStorm is an ideal helper to get started smoother with an essay.


OEDb is an abbreviation of Open Education Database. Unlike database, offers not ready-made essay samples but helpful links and resources on how to work with a certain style and use right referencing. There are also useful links to grammar materials and online grammar help.

Recommend your students this inspiration tool to emerge into the world of creative writers. They are different but may have similar interests to your students’ or your own. I think this service will become a perfect resource to explore the world of writing from all perspectives.


It’s a working citation generator in APA, MLA and Chicago styles that can assist your students in crafting a bibliography part which always took me as much time as writing a full-length paragraph. Moreover, your students will be able to use graphic instructions on formatting and other style difficulties.

The Easy Essay

Do your students usually ask you about a tool that organizes all information automatically? Of course, if there were such a magic wand that could write an essay instead of students there would be no point in this article. But they can use The Easy Essay tool to build a necessary and readable structure and focus on expressing their own ideas logically. It helps to start and end paragraphs connecting them to the main subject matter.

These tools can definitely ease your students’ lives and a process of checking their works. Of course, you can select and recommend other tools. Although I think these tools work the best, because most of them I used myself being a student. They helped me a lot to get through my essay challenges and get the desired result. Besides, your student would trust more your tips on essay writing tools. And it’s important for them to get this advice from you because usually an untrained student feels too unconfident and almost insecure with own writing skills. Make your students succeed with your good advice.


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