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What is Animoto?

Animoto provides an array of tools for creating videos in your classroom and is FREE to Educators. Animoto provides a more creative alternative to view and listen to slideshows. To use Animoto, you upload your photos, choose some music you like from their huge range of styles and artists, or use your own music or voice, and you get a professional slideshow.

Getting started with Animoto

Getting started with Animoto for Education is relatively easy. Visit the main Animoto for Educators site and click APPLY NOW. After you have submitted your application you will be sent an email with a personal promotion code. Your PPC will allow upto 50 students to use your PLUS account.

Using Animoto

Animoto is very simple to us. Once you are logged in, click "Create Video" from the set of buttons in the upper left to begin, and choose a style for your video.



Animoto will then walk you through the three steps required to create a video. 1) Get your photos and videos, 2) Get music, and 3) Finalise with details.

Why use Animoto in the Classroom?

Animoto is a great way for students and teachers to quickly create a great looking presentations without the teacher having to spend a lot of time teaching students how to edit or manipulate presentation software. It is a tool that has applications across all areas of your school and curriculum. Completed videos can be embedded in VLE's or downloaded for in-class presentations! When using Animoto, compelling video shorts grab students attention, create curiosity, and use visuals to stimulate thinking about prior learning. Animoto will definitely help to bring your lessons to life.

Who can use Animoto in the Classroom?

Animoto can be used by teachers and students. Due to its simplicity, even young students can create awesome presentations. I recently saw some fantastic stories put together by students in Year 1.

What can Animoto be used for in the Classroom?

There are numerous ways that Animoto can be used in the classroom. Teachers can use it in all stages of a lesson and students can create slideshows to enhance their learning experiences. Here are a few ways that educators are using Animoto in their schools:

  • Make any lesson come to life with stunning audio and visual.
  • Use at the beginning of the day as a ‘teaser’ for what your students can look forward to learning each day.
  • Use to teach complex concepts in History, Maths, Science. Students will respond to new media in the classroom.
  • Allow your students to display knowledge of a concept using Animoto.
  • Students can each create an Animoto showcasing who they are through pictures and music.
  • Vocabulary activities are limitless. For example, pictures students take with a digital camera could  illustrate a word, a concept, or a learning activity.
  • Ideal for digital storytelling in the classroom setting. Animoto is completely web-based, students can create videos from school and continue working on them at home.
  • Celebrations of student achievements create a learning environment that is conducive to learning. Spotlight the learning!
  • Find pictures of different geography features by using the internet or your own pictures. Label the pictures according to their feature.
  • Book trailers are a great way to engage students’ interest before reading a book. Students can also create trailers to share with other classmates.
  • Create slideshows which demonstrate student reflection on their learning.

The following are great examples:

In summary, Animoto is a very powerful tool which should be a part of any educators toolkit. Its ease of use allows users to think creatively about how they wish Animoto to enhance the learning experiences which are occurring in classrooms. Enjoy creating some really amazing projects.



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Comment by Lisa Mims on May 30, 2011 at 11:29am
I have used it many times this year! The latest was a compilation of all the pics I took of my class this year. I posted it on Edmodo. The students enjoyed it so much!
Comment by Lee Webster on May 21, 2011 at 11:45am
You can also put this app on iphone and ipad the kids in my class used it for their topic Black Death. I was very impressed with their outcomes.

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