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Answers to 4 Questions Asked at the Start of Class

I really enjoyed reading this article. These are questions we will hear frequently as teachers, and it is important for us to both anticipate this questions and provide our students with answers that will support and encourage them to succeed in the classroom.

It's important to have open-ended conversations with your classroom so that students know they can feel comfortable asking you questions. These types of conversations help to create a learner-centered classroom, and students will immediately know what is expected of them. Students should know that they will be challenged in the classroom, will receive engaging homework assignments, they will be assessed on their knowledge, and that it is okay to make a mistake.

Allowing your students to ask you these types of questions and providing them with honest answers will create a norm of expectations in your classroom and students will understand what is expected of them and how you as their teacher will be best able to support them.

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