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Area of a circle basics and applications

Area of a circle

Once kids start to learn area of plane figures such as rectangles and squares, area of a circle is introduced too. Most kids in grade six start to learn area of two dimensional shapes.

To find the area of a circle students need to know the basic terminology of circles first. The definition of a circle, the center, radius, diameter and the circumference are the most basic terms attached to circle geometry.

Once students know the basic about a circle, the next thing is the constant "pi". We can define "pi" as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Note that independent of the size of the circle this ratio remains same and is equal to 3.14 approximately.

The area of a circle basics is calculate using a formula. This formula is given below:

                                      A = pi x radius x radius

Where pi = 3.14 and radius of the circle can be measured or might be given in the problem.

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