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feel free to comment this is learning for me. i have some misgiving about the post. Please know understand i am not exactly suggesting that children teach themselves, more like--- children should not be evaluated on their drawing as a means of demonstrating their understanding of concepts. As a parent with a visual arts background when my is asked to draw i feel pretty sensitive about any evaluations he may get. I feel there is no training in drawing but merely evaluation and expectations. The influence I have had on my child's drawing is fairly worldly. When i look to exemplars in the curriculum  it is so constrained. Lots of children particularly boys draw things that are absolutely incomprehensible b/c they draw things move and work, b/c that is what they are attracted. I feel that some educators don't appreciate that and mark static drawings with captions underneath as correct. which is a practice that discourages creativity and can be one of the reasons that so many of us turn away from the arts as something they don't relate to. Drawing can be away to communicate your understanding but I'm not sure this is being executed in a way that doesn't discourage some of our youngsters. thank you

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