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I was checking in on Louis Gray’s blog today and read this paragraph…

“Our panel’s determination could be summarized as saying the ability for the public to launch stories and extend storylines related to realtime has removed the ability for mainstream media to be gatekeepers, furthering the need to accurately determine authenticity and truth. And where mainstream media cannot have exceptional access, be it to geography, sources or timing, part of their new role is to discover and highlight high quality content, regardless of its source, in effect, adopting the role of curator.”

After reading this statement, I was struck that if you switch the first mention of “mainstream media” and insert “textbook publishers” you get the same theme. Traditionally schools and education have been tied to textbooks for how and what we teach. Over the years courses have been built around textbooks – not the oppositej. However, now with access to information all the time…. the role of the teacher is becoming that of a curator.

Discovering and highlighting high quality materials and resources regardless of the source is the new role. Thankfully, I am seeing this here in Saline. Our staff is adept at identifying quality resources and incorporating them into their lessons. For example, our high school social studies department has thoughtfully delayed purchasing new Government textbooks and instead will spend next summer developing materials that will comprise the “textbook” for the 2011-2012 Government classes.

Access to information is evolving…. and the need for teachers to be curators is growing.

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