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We all know that what we need to develop in children more than the hability to memorize contents, skills that give them the opportunity to know and do more things. Today teachers are facing a changing world where children want to do, more than to learn how, they got skills and want to practice them. They handle digital devices, smartphones, tablets, videogames, and sometimes teachers are not at that pace. Our classrooms need to be transformed in motivating places where children have fun and learn social skills, develop their creativity and share knowledge, teachers must learn, very fast, how to engage them and their parents is this kind of learning, very different from what it used to be.

Planning a class for today kids, need to anticipate, to identify the outcomes, to focus on what is important, not only stick to the curriculum or text books.

That is a challenge! and that as educators is what make us learn and grow as human beings as well as see children do the same.

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Comment by Dan Sherman on January 15, 2011 at 3:08am
Great points - could not agree more with you, today's kids are definitely looking at more than just textbooks and curriculum - its also become more about on demand learning and opportunity :)

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