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Effective Ways to Save Money on Books

Book readers may spent hundreds of dollars on purchasing Books, But now Computers and Internet facilitate every reader to save his money by getting free online books, download any book using e-reader software. There are some effective ways to save your money on books which will be helpful for all readers.

Swap Books
Gather up all those books that you no longer want, and trade them for the books that you want right now. BookGator makes it easy to swap books online. Swap textbooks with other students on BookGator for FREE and save hundreds of dollars.
Another Option: Throw a book swap party, and invite all your friends.

Rent Books

If owning books isn't important to you, consider renting. There are many bookstores offer renting facility for school/college students or any reader and BookGator which is your social bookstore, also offering you this facility for Free. Try BookGator bookstore for renting your textbooks.

Shop Second-Hand Text Books

Hit used book stores, thrift stores, garage sales and library book sales in search of previously-loved books at a fraction of their original price.
Tip: Take your old books to a used book store, and trade them for store credit.

Utilize Your Library

Dust off your library card. Then, use it to stock up on enough books and magazines to keep you busy for weeks.

Get a Book Store Membership

In love with the experience of shopping at book stores? Sign up for the rewards program at your favorite store, and you will get ways to earning discounts, coupons, free shipping and even free books.

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