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Finding...and taking the road less traveled

I was inspired to write this post after speaking with a friend and colleague. Over the course of a lifetime and
career we all experience the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows.
So much of what we do in our lives comes back to our goals,
expectations, hopes and dreams. The biggest difference between those
who accomplish their goals and those who do not...are the paths they
choose while developing their vision.
As humans we all crave and need a certain kind of energy that fuels us toward our next task. I have no doubt that most humans have goals and dreams, what I am concerned with is their fortitude and their level of
persistence to allow these dreams to come to fruition. For every goal
and dream their is a path, and the larger the goal and dream the more
difficult and complex the path. The most difficult part of any journey
is making sure we have the perseverance, dedication, and focus to see
the journey through...

Just like many things in life, it sounds pretty simple...but I can assure you, it is easier said than done. How can we make sure we have the
required perseverance, dedication, and focus to reach our goals and
dreams? Through my own experiences and by talking with others I have
come to the conclusion that it requires a vision. Each person must
develop and refine his/her own vision, and if one is growing and
developing, the vision will be in a constant state of flux and change.
Since the vision will always be in a constant state of change, it
continually provides us the needed fuel and drive to push on toward our
goals and dreams. It is because of this pattern of growth and change
that we are able to maintain a certain level of focus to keep us on

For me, I have concentrated on developing my philosophies of education (yes plural). While doing this I have constantly found myself searching and
reaching into areas unknown to me. This has fueled my curiosity and
dedication to improving as an educator, while giving me the opportunity
to share and collaborate, thus refining my instructional leadership
skills. By working to improve, refine, develop, share, and strengthen
my vision, I have enabled myself to maintain the level of energy
required to accomplish some of my initial goals and dreams. It is a
long journey, however with a vision and the desire to grow alongside
your vision, you too, can travel the road less traveled toward your
goals and dreams. The road less traveled is not less traveled because
people choose not to take it; it is less traveled because most people never
reach it...

** Develop a vision...and go where others were unable **

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