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Hello, I am a principal in an elementary school in Malaysia.My school is a private school.We started the school in 2009 with 30 students from Year 1 (7 years old) to Year 3 (9 year old).In 2010,we had a drastic increase from 30 to 80 students.Presently, we have 120 students.We have also opened classes for 10-11 years old.It is arguable whether it is relevant for me to be here and to learn from overseas school administrators. I've studied cases from schools in North America and almost every woes are the same here in my school. I am 39 years old and considered one of the youngest principal in my state.I was educated in UK,therefore I am very open to any creative and low costs ideas that is practical for my school.I started this research with education world.and from there I have progressed to this site.Thank you for accepting me and opening your hospitality.Being a principal is a labour of love for me.I love my students.I wabt to connect to all administrators and educators all around the world who share the same committment.

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