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Is it necessary to give children money?

Universal answer. The culture of money and attitude to them - really depends on the family and the country in which the business. For example, in Turkey, in many families even give a little money to infants for any occasion. Parents accumulate along in their children's piggy bank, which handed the child a few years. In many countries, children almost not give the money - for example, in India. A small European study shows that if children were given pocket money, then they are more suited to the thoroughness then savings - of the children who were given pocket money, 55% then regularly set aside in a savings account. And from those who were not given - only 45%.

How much money to give their children?

And it certainly does not depend only on your ideas, but also on your situation. In some countries - such as Germany - goverment recomendations exist: there is the amount determined by age. According to the ideas of the German authorities, the children of four or five years is enough 50 cents per week (about 35 rubles a week), 10-year-old supposed to 13-16 euros per month (around 1,000 rubles), a 18-year-old - 70 euros per month ( about 5000 rubles). Most give money to young children in Italy - an average of five per week for children up to five years. In fact, many Russian and Statement on spending much remains. But the logic of the selection is about the amount: it should not be very large sum, if you want to buy something cheap - the child must save some time. The easiest and most painless way to choose the amount - ask how much give and give to classmates about the same.

How can they be given?

Money can be given periodically in cash or transfer to the card with a daily or monthly limit. That is - once a day, once a week or once a month. Moreover, the older the child - the less frequency: the child must gradually learn to plan costs. A small child will not be able to postpone a large sum, and not spend it immediately. It is important not to disturb the selected frequency. If you give pocket money every week - always do it. And do not punish children for bad behavior is not the payment of pocket money, or money is at risk of becoming evidence of your relationship to it, and the child begins to manipulate it accordingly. Although the French practice is quite fine. For undone lessons can lose a few euros.

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