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The necessity to shop for a brand new textbook in college is inevitable and while most think that such investment will soon lose its value as soon as the term ends, you thought wrong. In actual fact, textbooks have their long term worth in the form of buybacks. Preserving these books is the key because textbook buyback programs are a great source of income while you are in school.

When the time comes to clean your bookshelf at the end of every semester, bear in mind that there are bookstores and online textbooks vendors that are just willing to give 50% of what you spent on your textbook. Here are few ways on how to preserve college textbooks and generate cash later on:

1. Use your textbooks gently. Handling books properly to preserve its pristine condition is essential as it would determine its price value on the market for reselling. While in use, make sure that books aren’t forced to lay casually flat and never lay it face down. Perspiration stains its paper and wet fingers wear it off, instead, use clean and dry hands at all times to handle it.

2. Refrain from highlighting. Another way of preserving the quality your textbook is by refraining from highlighting from the book itself because it is not erasable and it is a disadvantage to people who would want to buy the book.

3. Avoid doodling in the margin. A textbook with scribbled notes can diminish the price with your prospect market as it depreciates from the quality, especially if you owned a new edition textbook. Steering clear of writing notes at all costs helps preserve your book.

4. Keep your textbook resources (CDs, extra tutorials and/or promotional codes) intact. If your college textbooks come with supplementary materials like CD disks, other extra tutorials, and promotional codes, aim not to use them. Ward off from unsealing and using these resources unless it is mandatory for your class or can have a considerable bearing in your studies. Sealed extra resources add up an additional appeal to your target market especially when your buyers want the book with all these extras.

5. Stay your book away from damaging elements. When you are out on foot in the snow or the rain, be sure to keep your books from the damaging elements by putting it inside a bag or backpack. Storing books in garages and near plumbing systems causes mold and mildew. Store books in a dry area, away from humidity and windows during the rainy months when at home to preserve its condition and increase its value significantly.

By taking extra care to preserve your textbooks and sell them afterwards can cover or even go above the amount of money that you had purchased it with. Whether you decide to sell your book on the internet or through the conventional way, including a photo of your textbook in your advertisements gives you that selling advantage. This also presents your buyer the assurance that your book is in the condition as you claim as it is well-cared and preserved properly.

If you’re looking for ease, convenience, hundreds of dollars of savings, or the best deals when you buy textbooks, then is the best textbook online source for you. A social BookStore like Bookgator you can Buy or sell textbooks online, swap or trade old text books with other group members, organize your own bookshelf, and demand any book you want to read for free.

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