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Improving English Writing Skills: A Guide for ESL Students

Writing high-quality papers is a hard thing to do, especially in a foreign language.

Being an ESL student means honing four core skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. While most people believe that writing doesn't affect the quality of life, they are mistaken.

It's harsh, but true:

Your writing is a visit card. If your writing skills are poor, it's nearly impossible to build trust and respect.

Nowadays writing plays a great role for the Internet community: to communicate on the web, you need to write, write, and write! Emailing and private communication are high on our list.

You might be surprised, but there is a strong correlation between the level of your writing and research skills.

If you're good at researching, you can surf the Internet, find resources, and start improving your writing skills. However, there's a guide for all ESL students to show the best ways to hone writing skills, sitting at home.

Ready to know the best part? Here we go!


No matter how you want to learn English online, whether you've decided to enroll MOOCs or start reading blogs, roll up your sleeves.

First things first: the most effective way to learn English and not waste money is to enroll MOOCs.

Although the number of MOOCs is extremely large on the web, sometimes the quality of their services leaves much to be desired. Thus, once you pick a course, pay attention to the number of people who have already signed it up (and don't forget to read feedback).

If you're ready to find a course that suits your needs, discover information about the best MOOCs in writing:

Did you find something worth enrolling? Find upcoming MOOCs by multiple criteria!

Blogging for Students

Living in the digital era means being tech-savvy and, therefore, most people use the Internet all day long. They love to share their thoughts, ideas, and things they like, so they generate tons of content daily. Thus, start running a blog is a great idea! In fact, blogging gives you many opportunities. For example, with blogging you can:

  • learn something new

  • get your name out

  • express yourself

  • earn money online

  • meet opinion leaders

  • create a portfolio

  • gain experience

  • improve writing skills!

Sounds like blogging is worth doing! And it actually is!

However, it's not enough to create a blog and start writing mediocre posts. You need to generate media-savvy content only.

Let's be real:

If you are fond of something, it is more likely you would write about it with passion and a strong desire.

Thus, create a blog about something that is high on your list. To be honest, no matter what your blog is about, whether educational tips, traveling, or your favorite band, you can improve your writing skills while crafting posts for it. If your content is interesting, useful, and unique, you can attract readers and keep them interested.

By the way, there are many bloggers on the web who are not only open for guest posting but pay for your high-quality articles as well. Once a brilliant idea struck you, start writing your draft to send it to the blog owner later.

Improve writing and grow revenue with blogging. Getting the most out of it is easy!

Free Tools & Apps to Improve Writing

The digital era helps people improve any skills they want without making many efforts. Whilst the number of useful tools and apps is growing daily, English learners start using apps to master their skills, too. The following apps can help with your writing process.

Check them out:


First of all, ESL students should learn how to overcome typical grammar mistakes. If you stop making basic grammar mistakes, you can improve your writing skills faster.

Thus, Grammarly App is what you need as it:

  • finds mistakes

  • gives you feedback

  • improves writing style

  • gives suggestions

Although there is a possibility to upgrade your account to Premium, Basic (free) features are enough for ESL students to start writing better.

Plus, you can not only check your essays with this app but eliminate mistakes that you make while writing personal emails or communicating online: just install Grammarly Spell Checker to your web browser. Improve your skills in 1-2-3.


One of the most brilliant writers is Ernest Hemingway. His books and prose inspire people, and his writing technique is so great! You can learn something useful about writing from him, or start using an app called Hemingway as well.

There are many benefits of using this app, and the most important one is that it helps to enhance readability. Plus, you can write texts here, analyze, and edit them in one place. There is no need to copy & paste texts!


What do you know about the adverbs in English?

Not only ESL students but native speakers as well confuse when to leave or remove an adverb in the text. An adverb is a part of speech that can weaken your prose, so students need to understand key aspects of its using.

Once your put 'Check' button on the website, Adverbless highlights the adverbs so you can analyze them and remove (or leave). The easier it is to read your text, the better.


Writing high-quality papers is based on many factors: from doing research to proofreading the final version. AutoCrit tool is here to help you strengthen your writing: paste your text, analyze it, edit, and impress your teacher with your writing.

Another beneficial thing is that you can self-edit your work anywhere: just sign in your account.


Online education has become an important part of the educational process. There is no need to say that it's easy to find a reliable source to learn something useful. However, there are not so many tools that have both theory and practice, and, luckily, NoRedInk is here to help students learn more about grammar, stylistics, and confused words.

Plus, there are two types of accounts: teacher's and student's. Students can learn more about each part of the speech, practice, track results and, therefore, master skills!

Actionable Tips

Any ESL student has no doubt that having a list of tips on writing is beneficial. The key to crafting good papers is to keep on developing your skills, and the following tips would be useful for you:

  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Analyze and learn how to avoid making them in the future

  • Ask your teacher for feedback

  • Use modern gadgets for writers (a digital highlighter, a smart pen, etc.)

  • Shift handwriting and typing

  • Save drafts to look them through later

  • Develop creative thinking to generate unique ideas

  • Read your texts aloud

  • Learn how to proofread and edit text

  • Try to write on any topic (to develop research skills)

  • The more you write, the better your writing is

Still thinking that writing is hard?

Well, although most ESL students face writing problems, there are many actionable ways to improve skills and obtain strong knowledge.

Give it a whirl and start honing your writing skills right now!

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