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Is online education of any help for the economic recovery

UK has been facing recessions since ages and although, we shouldn’t look back anymore, it’s now time to look at the future and try to bring about solutions to the aching economic growth of the country. It’s true that the position of recession in UK has altered with time. It has now become much better but then, it is the internet age and still somewhere people in UK are facing recession in this modern world as well. So, how can technology help in the economic recovery of UK? Will such digital innovations and technological advancements prove to be a helping hand for the economy of the country?

Learndirect, along with the Education Guardian had addressed a roundtable conference in the recent past and it addressed mainly to the firms which tries to improve the skills and the employability of the employees through flexible and affordable online learning. This whole event took place under the observation of the Chatham House.

The roundtable discussion showed that online learning is a very convenient way of training the candidates. It offers immense flexibility and also allows the learners to enhance their skills being at one place. Online courses are designed to suit the needs of the learners and this is much more practical than any regular learning course. Also, in a small time, the learners can learn a lot.

Networking among peers

Peer networking is something which is now very important in each and every sector. And now, even the peers can get benefitted by this. Mostly, the adults do not look out for reviews on the web before buying a thing. But this isn’t right at this time when everyone uses IT in every single thing. So, why not take help from the web to gain knowledge? Why the adults are yet not used to this concept? But the adults should know that peer interactions through the web can be much more comfortable than one to one physical interactions.

According to the various candidates present in the discussion, however, the college or the university should fund the learners for the online training sessions. Most of the learners might have a shoestring budget and hence, the colleges or organisation should make amends in order to meet the financial needs of the learners.

Education through the web

In the world of education, there is no end. As we say, there is no end of learning, nowadays, there is no end of technological advancement in the field as well. A degree is now available online and the learners can get it from anywhere in the world. This is how much easy education has become. The online learners have the leniency of taking up the course from any part of the world. This is probably the best thing about these distance learning degrees from home. A reputed institution, an efficient online degree provider and an enthusiastic learner, all these things are the only essentials of getting a degree of one’s choice.

Now, when the various organisations will be able to cut on their costs of providing a training venue, regular educators, learning material costs, etc by simply serving the whole thing to the candidates via the web, it is but obvious that they will be able to save penny even in such economic strains in UK. Online learning should be made much more mainstream. This will help generate ideas, make training easier and also will make education an affordable endeavour for all.

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Comment by Oscar Marin on January 4, 2014 at 7:48pm

Definitely it is helping in a lot way. Online education is giving access to wider segments of the population of world and helping the learning process to spike up with wider coverage as well. Inculcating a learning habit is what would make the people grow and indirectly improving the economic growth of a nation as well. So we see that such learning modes do have an indirect relationship with economic recovery.

Comment by Dorothy Hastings on January 4, 2014 at 11:10am

The current economy is experiencing serious tremors, and, if you have the necessary academic credentials, it is entirely possible for extra income from online jobs to keep you from falling behind on your bills. 


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