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Learning Matters- Technology Strategies for Success

First Session-

Digital Content for Digital Natives:Engaging Today's Tech-Savvy Students

Meg Ormistron

WOW! She's dynamic. She is really showing us what classrooms look like in today's world without technology. My greatest aha has been "We didn't ban pencils when kids could poke others with them, so why are we banning technology(cell phones, etc) from our classrooms?"

Student engagement is the key- so how do we do this?

LOL at Story about teacher searching for Pirate Pics while the smart board was on. .BEWARE. NEVER search images with the board on in front of the class.. you never know what you might get.

Another AHA- Just because you USE the tech in the room doesn't mean it is engaging them with the technology.

Can't be afraid to let the kids touch and control the whiteboards. They aren't that breakable. Just because the teacher may be afraid since she knows how much they cost, doesn't mean kids can't use them. Don't fear germs.. just use the clorox wipes. You can use stress balls on the board, or the SMART fingers from our pens.

Question? The lamp time is always an issue in our schools, so if we are using it for more than teacher directed, it will use up our lamp time and be more costly. Is there a solution for this? a longer lamp time in production? A replacement product from smart?

Review of Bloom's Taxonomy of 1956. What have we changed since 1956? Wow! Look What Andrew Churches has done to bring Bloom into the 21st Century. Really focus on what verbs it uses under creating and remembering!!'s+and+ICT+tools

Why reteach lessons when you can be saving them for the students to go through again?? More about that this afternoon.Have students go back to the board and reteach the lesson for them to review. Record it and use their voice for you website

(note to self: investigate to imbed in lessons to get attention from kids)

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