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In Parts 1 and 2, I discussed the fact that we are losing quality teachers as a result of new teacher burnout as well as retiring experienced teachers. I have shared what I believe to be the personal effects that high teacher turnover has on students who will miss out on the guidance and mentorship I received from past teachers of mine. The impact of losing quality teachers is not only detrimental for our students; it also bears significant financial repercussions for local economies and the nation:

• The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, a nonprofit group that seeks to increase the retention of quality teachers, estimated from a 2007 survey of several districts that teacher turnover was costing the nation’s districts some $7 billion annually for recruiting, hiring, and training.

• Using a U.S. Department of Labor formula, the Alliance for Excellent Education released a national analysis of teacher attrition costs in 2005, which estimated the cost of replacing public school teachers who leave the profession at $2.2 billion per year. Adding the cost of replacing teachers who transfer schools increases that number to approximately $4.9 billion per year.

To determine the economic impact of teacher turnover on your community, this teacher cost calculator will assign an exact cost to losing teachers in your school and district.

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