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I had an interesting meeting yesterday, the back story is that I have just started my PhD with focus on social web 2.0 for in education - the senior professors at my university are running a project where they have have developed a web site or a networking service for students - it is suppose to work similar to Ning.

In my mind they are going about this from a very interesting angle - they basically want to control students behavior and monitor their content creation. Am example; there was a big discussion on chat-rooms and if they should be implemented for students - the vote was No because what they say on the Chat-channel cannot be controlled.

I find this attitude very typical - the academia is still trying to exercise as much control over the educational social webs as possible - they actually believe that by restricting and controlling they will implement disciplined learning environments as close to the classroom model as possible.

My view is that this form of control and attitude will kill the project... .

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Comment by Jeff Zoller on March 19, 2010 at 8:05am
Control is an illusion.

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