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The vocal minority vs. the silent majority...

I was once told by an Athletic Director that those who criticize your work are in the vocal minority while those who support you are in the silent majority. I didn't really want to admit that this was true and it
took me some time to come to terms with this, but it really hits this
subject on the head. My current principal and I have had this
conversation recently as well when dealing with what it takes to get
people to follow directions. If you take the time to think about it, I
believe you'll see that it makes sense and is applicable to what we do
in our classrooms every single day.

There's been a ton of talk lately concerning what needs to be done to reform the educational system in our country - and as I've said before, it's warranted in many situations. But in all of this talk we are
losing focus on something that is very important: there are a ton of
teachers who day in and day out are working their butts off to get the
students they are working with to the next level - whatever level that
may be.

I came across this quote this morning through Alexander Russo's twitter feed: This is not a war on teachers en masse. It is recognition of what every parent knows: Some teachers are exceptional, but a small number are
- Eric Hanushek

The problem I see with this statement is that not all parents know that some teachers are exceptional. The bigger problem, in my opinion, is that all teachers are being attacked when any teachers are attacked.
We all should take offense at the fact that people think of our
profession negatively and we need to change this attitude. One way that
we can achieve this is to do something about the small percentage of
teachers who are bringing us down in the eyes of the public.

Meaningful dialogue on how to evaluate teachers and determining what great teaching looks like must occur. We must be leaders in this sector and make our voices heard - and our voices must become the positive vocal majority if we want to effect positive change in our industry.

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