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What to Expect from Custom Writing Services: Pros and Cons

So you’ve got a looming deadline, you don’t know if you understand the material well enough and the professor has announced that you need at least a ‘B’ to pass the class. What do you do? Do you have the time to do the work? What if you spend the next 48 hours hyped up on coffee doing the assignment and it still isn’t good enough? It would absolutely destroy you if you had to take the course again. University is already expensive enough without having to re-do classes.


So what do you do? Do you take the plunge? Do you employ a writing service to keep your head above water? It’s a hard decision to make. Maybe it will help if we take a look at the pros and cons?


PRO: It can help

Now obviously, if you’re in trouble, a writing service can really help. Often, they can turn around an essay in a couple of hours that would have taken you days to complete. That can be amazing, especially if you don’t have those couple of days, perhaps because – like suggested above – your deadline is very close, or because of other reasons, like a sick family member, a job you need to go to just to pay for the university, or some other concern. And let’s be honest about there are a lot of things for students to worry about nowadays.


In that case, a writing service can be truly amazing. They can, in fact, be a life-saver.


CON: You might get gypped

Not all writing services are legit. It’s an unavoidable fact of this kind of thing – especially as many of these companies operate in a grey zone of semi-legality. And who are you going to go to if the quality isn’t as good as you’d hoped it would be? Campus police?


PRO: You can take an extra shift at work

The thing about these writings services is that they do free up your time, which you can then dedicate to other areas that you’ve been neglecting. Maybe earn a bit of extra money. Maybe spend a bit of time with your significant other. Or maybe just focus on another course, so that you don’t get into trouble there as well. Nobody is going to say ‘no’ to extra time, right?  


CON: You might get drunk instead

Okay, so you might not actually go and work and instead be tempted into going to that party down the hall instead. In that case, using writing services websites might not be a good idea. After all, discipline is already a very difficult thing to build up, without having an easy way out. With an easy way out it might well become impossible.


And then when you’ve finished college or university, you might not actually have the skillset the workplace needs, which is a surprisingly common problem. Then what would the point of investing all that money be?


PRO: University doesn’t teach you the right skills

Alright, fair enough, but on the other side, universities don’t teach you the right skillset anyway. We don’t need to be able to write abstract essays about unimportant concepts. We need to learn skills that will get us jobs. And if you use a writing service there’s far more time for you to develop exactly that skill set, like how to manage your time, how to manage your funds and how to make certain that the office politics doesn’t get the upper hand. Now those are skills that we really need!


CON: You might get caught

You might. It’s true. There’s a chance you’ll get found out. Though it’s a surprisingly small one, provided the service you use doesn’t plagiarize. You see, colleges and universities can only check for things that have been written before. And so if you employ somebody who keeps rewriting the same essay each time, with only minor variations, yes then there’s a chance their plagiarism checkers will figure that out and catch you.


If, on the other hand, you can make certain that the essay you received is absolutely unique and only available to you, then it’s a different story. How will they ever prove you didn’t write it? Now that goes double if you actually go through the essay and rewrite it in your own words. And as an added bonus, you’ll be far more likely to actually learn something about the topic you just ‘wrote’ so brilliantly about.  


So should you?

I’m going to be lame and not come down on either side. The main reason for that is that this is a decision that every person should make on their own. They shouldn’t rely on the opinions of somebody they never met online who wrote a blog post.


After all, one of the most important skills university and college can teach you isn’t essay writing but critical thinking. And I’m not going to take that opportunity away from you. I’ve given you a few of the pros and the cons that are out there. Now you get to decide for yourself.

Isn’t learning fun?

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